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The Legacy Reach Paper Mill is a former mill, which was renovated into flats in 2018. Before that, it was the site of some of builder Pat Phelan's most evil deeds, including kidnap and murder.


In October 2017Pat Phelan forced Andy Carver and Vinny Ashford to the abandoned mill. Phelan had imprisoned Andy for many months, but had finally agreed to let him go if he shot Vinny (real name Harvey McArdle), a conman who had worked with Phelan on a Calcutta Street flats scam, only to empty his bank account and flee the country. Phelan forced Andy to shoot Vinny, only to double-cross him and shoot him too.

Phelan dumped both bodies in the swamp, but faced several ordeals to keep them hidden. For example, in January 2018Gary Windass and Seb Franklin looked for work converting the mill, much to Phelan's horror.

In the same month Phelan and Luke Britton broke into a fight as Luke had been investigating the disappearance of his friend, and sister's ex-partner, Andy. He soon put together the evidence and realised that Phelan had murdered him. After a dramatic car chase, Luke crashed in the mill complex. Calmly and methodically, Phelan shot into the petrol tank of the car, triggering an explosion which killed Luke in a fireball. Luke's body was soon discovered, much to Seb's horror, who had sent Luke there to find Phelan.

Phelan soon managed to get the job of foreman at the mill, beating Bill Thornhill by finding some dirt on him. Nicola Rubinstein persauded Phelan to give Gary a job at the mill. 

In FebruaryMona Beattie told Phelan that developer Bob Roe wanted ten more flats built, doubling the money for Phelan. However, Phelan was horrified to find they would be built where the water is, meaning the water would have to be drained, revealing the bodies. Despite a protest from Phelan, Mona told Phelan to drain the water in the next few weeks. 

In March, as the draining continued, a foot started to appear. After sending Matt home, he dropped the bodies into the foundations and started filling it with concrete. However his phone dropped into the concrete, causing him to fall in and get trapped. Eileen Phelan and Tim Metcalfe managed to save Phelan just in time. Having narrowly escaped and with the bodies dealt with, Phelan resigned from the development. However, the concrete failed to set properly, meaning the foundations had to be redone.

At the end of the month, Gary and Seb broke into the site, locking the security guard in the toilet, before starting to smash up the concrete. They were looking for Phelan's gun but, after being arrested the next morning, the police found Vinny and Andy's bodies, finally revealing the truth about Phelan to everyone.

Location shooting for the mill was conducted at the former premises of Robert Fletcher and Sons on Chew Valley Road, Greenfield, Saddleworth, a private site which now houses several independent businesses.