Lee Sankey was a drug dealer who worked with Steve McDonald to sell tobacco in Weatherfield.

The two first met when Steve attempted to sell tobacco in a pub. Lee arrived at the pub and warned Steve that the area was his patch. After Steve recognised him as an ex-convict, Lee agreed to buy his tobacco on the cheap.

Steve began to sell tobacco to Lee on a more frequent basis from 11 Coronation Street. When Steve's dad Jim arrived home, he was appalled to see his son dealing drugs and chucked Lee out of the house. Jim warned Steve that if he continued selling tobacco, he could end up back in prison. Regardless of his father's warnings, Steve phoned Lee to set up their next consignment.

A few weeks later, Lee contacted Steve and asked him to go to Amsterdam to smuggle in something other than tobacco. This alarmed Jim and he rowed with Lee, claiming that he had turned his son into a drug runner. When Steve returned from Amsterdam, Jim was shocked to discover that he had not smuggled drugs but instead a dog, Polly.

Lee was later arrested for drug dealing and Steve's old associate Jez Quigley took over his patch. When Jez was arrested for the murder of Tony Horrocks, Steve was relieved to discover that Jez suspected that Lee had grassed him up.

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