Lee Mayhew is the brother of Billy Mayhew.

In April 2016, Lee had fallen on hard times, forcing Billy to start lending him money. Billy, who was a vicar, was wracked with guilt knowing that he couldn't help his brother. When Eva Price spotted Billy giving Lee money, Billy told her he was simply helping out a man in need. On one occasion, Todd Grimshaw spotted Billy giving to Lee, with Billy lying to him that Lee was simply parishioner who needed help.

Lee went to the Rovers and attempted to steal Erica Holroyd's handbag and later stole money from the cash till at Preston's Petals. Todd attempted to call the police, forcing Billy to admit that Lee was his brother. He confided in Todd that Lee was a heroin addict recently released from prison and that their parents were dead. Billy revealed his regrets in not being able to help Lee and that Lee was unlikely to forgive him.

A few weeks later, Todd found Lee collapsed from a drug overdose and he and Billy were forced to drive him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Billy had been going through a difficult patch with his boyfriend Sean Tully, with Sean suspecting Billy of cheating with Todd. Todd informed Sean of all the incidents involving Lee so Billy was forced to be honest with Sean about his fear that people would lose confidence in a vicar with a drug addicted brother. Billy broke up with Sean as he experienced guilt over the secrets he was still hiding.

Lee showed up again a week later to once again ask Billy for money but was refused. Lee noticed a troubled Sarah Platt, a friend of Billy's, and approached her telling her that Billy had asked him to keep an eye on her. Lee lured Sarah into his flat with the promise that Billy was on the way, proving they were brothers with an old photo. Sarah had been suffering postnatal psychosis and was convinced that her baby's father Callum was out to get her, even though she had witnessed his death a few months prior.

Lee held Sarah hostage and told Billy to bring £1000 in exchange for her release. When Sarah started talking about Callum, Lee started threatening her, saying that he was friends with him and would send him after her if she didn't do as he said. He then pinned her to the ground and called her 'mental'. Sarah went on a rampage just as her brother David arrived to rescue her. Following the incident, Billy told Lee he never wanted to see him again, with Lee furiously reciprocating.

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