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Lee Mattinson was a storyliner (then called a "story associate") for 60 episodes of Coronation Street from June to August 2012.

He also wrote Scallywagga for television and Harvest and Take My Bones for the big screen. Radio credits include Me and Cilla, Glow in the Dark, Magpie, Prom and Snowglobe.

His main works been for the stage and his credits include Brown Bird, Snap, Gary Lineker is Gay, Geisha Girls, Chalet Lines, No Wire Hangers, Lashes and Taches, Donna Disco, Lamb, Me and Cilla, M&S S&M, Orlando Spoon, Julian Scary, I Heart Morrissey, Liquorice, Shitty Shitty Bang Bang, 6c Nativity, Circus Girl, Jonathan Likes This, Swan Song, I Heart Catherine Pistachio, The Streets in the Sky, Choir, Never Forget, Chocolate, LOL, Colour It In, Rola Cola, Freddy Hearts Freddie, Me Fatty, The Bang Gang, Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit, Paper Men Hold Hands and Monster.

Episodes storylined by Lee Mattinson

2012 (60 episodes)