Lee was an old schoolfriend of Jamie Bowman, an ex-boyfriend of Steph Britton who was arrested on a charge of posting private and sexual images online of her, aka revenge porn. Steph, her brother Luke and her boyfriend Andy Carver thought that was the end of the matter but Luke was surprised to discover that Jamie had been bailed and was working at the upmarket bar No.16 Chambers in Manchester where Lee had obtained him the job. Luke had known the two lads at school and described the twosome as "dumb and dumber".

Andy was unable to put what he felt to be an unjust matter out of his mind and inveigled Luke into making a trip into town with him. They lost little time in telling Wendy the bar manager the resume of her most recent recruit and, disgusted with his actions, she sacked him on the spot and Lee as well for vouching for him. The two threatened revenge as they were booted off the premises by the doorman.

Later that day, the two unemployed lads turned up in Coronation Street in Jamie's car, watching the movements of Steph who was the object of Jamie's attention rather than her protectors. With an idea to rob Nick's Bistro, they forced their way into the premises thinking that Steph might have been inside alone, but instead discovered Carla Connor there and the building in darkness. Having explained that there was no money in the till as the restaurant had been closed since midday, Carla gave them the opportunity to walk away but Jamie snatched Carla's handbag, adamant that he wasn't leaving empty-handed. Although Carla gave chase and tried to retrieve her handbag as the pair drove off, she was thrown from the getaway car and badly hurt in the process.

Although injured she was able to tell the police that the robbers had been interested in finding Steph and she was easily able to put them onto their track. They were subsequently arrested.

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