Leanne was a pet rabbit owned by Peter Barlow and his son Simon in 2009. She was named after Leanne Battersby who left Peter in March and the rabbit was a present for Simon to remember her by. At the end of the month, Peter, Simon and the rabbit were trapped inside their burning flat when Peter had fallen unconscious after drinking and had dropped a lit cigarette. Peter and Simon were rescued by Luke Strong and Tony Gordon, however Luke returned inside the flat and retrieved Leanne. Simon took the rabbit to the Easter Sunday service held at St. Saviour's Church as the newly installed Reverend Rick Peach encouraged people to bring their animals along for the occasion.

Following the rabbit's death in September of that year, it was Peter's responsibility to break the news to his son. Prompted by Blanche Hunt to explain the truth, Simon immediately questioned whether his beloved pet had gone to heaven to be with his mum. Having asked his father if they could hold a funeral for Leanne, it was at Sophie Webster's suggestion to hold the service in the back garden of 4 Coronation Street so that Simon could visit its grave.