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Lawrence Cunningham was the long lost son of Ken Barlow, who was born to Ken's first ever girlfriend Susan Cunningham in August 1961. Susan discovered she was pregnant after splitting up with Ken, and sent him a letter to ask him to meet up, but it was accidentally misplaced when it ended up wedged under the skirting board at 3 Coronation Street, Ken's first home. It wasn't until nearly fifty years later in 2010 that the letter was discovered by newsagent Norris Cole. Ken was given the letter, and he discovered that Susan had died some years earlier, but had a son Lawrence. Lawrence also had a son called James, and a daughter called Chloe who was at college.

Lawrence and Ken finally met up in September 2010 when Ken's wife Deirdre realised they were the spitting image of each other, and assured Ken they were definitely related. Ken later told Lawrence that he was in fact his father, much to Lawrence's surprise. Lawrence also had a strained relationship with his son James, due to James being gay, but Ken decided to try and put it right. Lawrence stated that it had been going on for years, and wouldn't change his views. Ken was angry and threw Lawrence out, and severed contact with his long lost son.

Lawrence was played by Linus Roache, who is actor William Roache's (Ken Barlow's) real-life son, who also portrayed Ken's other on-screen son Peter Barlow in 1973 and 1975.

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