Lawrence was a sales rep for a biscuit company who double-dated Florrie Lindley in 1962.

Although a married man, Lawrence's wife had been in hospital for 14 months and didn't mind him going out with Florrie, with whom she maintained a written correspondence. Florrie was the owner of the Corner Shop in Coronation Street and was thus familiar with Lawrence through his work, knowing enough about the business to be aware that he must be held in high esteem to in charge of selling off the broken biscuits.

When Lawrence asked Florrie out to his firm's annual dinner-dance at Belle Vue, the shopkeeper accepted and coaxed a reluctant Elsie Tanner into joining them on a blind date with a friend of Lawrence's. As she didn't get out much, Florrie relished the chance to make a day of it and approved of Lawrence's idea of picking the women up early to look through the zoo first. Elsie was less impressed with her gold-toothed partner, who didn't seem to know the way to the bar. When Lawrence fixed up another double date with Florrie, Elsie made it clear that she wouldn't be tagging along, however she came to regret this decision when Florrie showed her a photograph of Lawrence's wealthy friend from Sweden.

A week later, Florrie took the initiative and asked Lawrence to join her at Will Any Gentleman at the local repertory theatre. Lawrence accepted but never showed up, resulting in Florrie going off with neighbour Frank Barlow who had been similarly stood up.

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