Lauren Wilson was Violet Wilson's younger sister, she had previously been working in Ayia Napa in a bar called 'Man-unition'.

It was clear from the outset that straight-laced Violet did not get along with her wild younger sibling. Lauren became barmaid at the Rovers Return Inn, and moved in as lodger with Eileen Grimshaw. Lauren had a relationship with Darryl Morton, but it was clear to everyone but Darryl that she was using him for money and free nights out on the town. Eventually Darryl stood up to her when she suggested he steal from his dad when he was out of money. Lauren immediately dumped him.

In the days leading up to her departure, she suggested to Sean Tully that they took a break together, although it was apparent that she was just trying to wrangle a free holiday out of him (especially as she had just lost her job at the Rovers and had no intention of paying the rent she owed to Eileen). Sean returned from the holiday alone, explaining that Lauren, as expected, had abandoned him immediately upon leaving the plane once they'd arrived in Spain. She then bagged herself a rich boyfriend and had no intention of returning.

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