Lauren's Mum was the mother of ringleader bully Lauren.

After Lauren and her gang from Weatherfield High were found to be responsible for bullying Bethany Platt, her mother Sarah went round to her house to confront her about her actions. When Sarah got to the house, she banged on the door until Lauren answered. Sarah told Lauren to keep away from Bethany until her mother went to see what was going on. Lauren's mum then asked Sarah where she'd got their address from. Sarah told her it was from an email about a parents meeting. Sarah told her good and proper to keep Lauren away from Bethany.

In mid-April 2016, Lauren was assaulted by Bethany's uncle Nick Tilsley. He pulled Lauren's handbag from her shoulder and hurled it to floor. That evening, Lauren and her mother went to the Platts' house to confront them about Nick's actions. Nick revealed that the bullies called Bethany's half-brother Harry ugly, before brother David threw them out.

In September, Lauren's bullying was reported to the school by Gary Windass. Mr Griffin, the headteacher, held a mediation session between Lauren, Bethany and both girls' mothers. Before the session, Lauren's mum seemed unfazed about the situation and more bothered about applying her make-up. During the session, Lauren accused Bethany of being the real bully and her mum followed suit, accusing Bethany of manipulating the truth by playing the victim. Sarah and Lauren's mum began shouting at each other before Mr. Griffin told them to stop. He then told both girls that he would be suspending them from school.

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