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Lara Cutler was a young woman who, like Bethany Platt, was being pimped out to older men by Nathan Curtis.

At one of Nathan's parties in May 2017, a drunken Bethany believed that Lara had stolen the necklace Nathan had given to her - Lara told Bethany that Nathan gave jewellery "to all his girls". Nathan quickly separated the girls to ensure Bethany didn't learn any more about the sex ring he was operating.

When Nathan and his friends were finally caught out in July 2017, Bethany approached Lara and tried to convince her to fight for justice alongside her in court. However, Lara was in a very difficult position; she was becoming depressed and couldn't cope with what she'd been through.

In October 2017, on the final day of Nathan's trial, Bethany's friend, trainee police officer Craig Tinker, was called to an incident on a railway track, where the body of a teenage girl was found after she apparently threw herself into the path of an oncoming train. This girl turned out to be Lara, as Craig initially feared it was Bethany. He informed Bethany over the phone; at the time, Bethany was being held hostage by Nathan's lackey Mel Maguire, who broke down upon hearing of Lara's death. She then let Bethany go and allowed her to proceed to Weatherfield Crown Court, where Nathan and the rest of the sex ring were all found guilty of their crimes.

The character was incorrectly credited in Episode 9177 (1st June 2017).

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