The unnamed Landlord of a pub in the Peak District played host to Sean Tully and Billy Mayhew when they went on a country ramble in April 2015. The pair felt tired after their relatively short four-mile walk and asked for food. They were offered several choices from the limited menu, one of which was hotpot and Billy enjoyed ribbing Sean that the pub's might be better than the one he served in the Rovers, cooked to Betty Williams' handed-down recipe. They also asked for a room for the night and were told that only one was available which was a twin. Sean's comment to Billy that they could push the two beds together caused the landlord to give them a significant look as he asked for their names for the booking.

After eating the hotpot (which Sean described only as "passable"), the landlord approached them and told them that contrary to his previous statement, a room wasn't available. He gave the excuse that his wife had taken a phone booking that morning and followed her usual habit of not writing it in the book. Sean and Billy smelled a rat and questioned the response but were told that he didn't have to explain himself to "the likes of you". He added insult by injury by telling them that they could have their puddings but then they had to leave. Sean confronted the man with his bigotry by quoting the old boarding house notices of "No blacks, no gays, no Irish" and telling him to get into the twenty-first century. Billy also questioned if the man's stance was Christian but was told that he hated "God-botherers" more than he hated...but couldn't bring himself to finish the sentence. The two men accused him of cowardice as well as bigotry and left, with a threat of a bad albeit truthful review on Trip Advisor to follow.

The incident later ended up in the paper a couple of weeks later when Sean's friend Julie Carp tipped off the Weatherfield Gazette.

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