The Key Worker was based at a rehabilitation facility in Leeds where Shona Platt being treated to recover her shattered memory after she came out of the coma brought about following an operation on Christmas Day to repair injuries sustained when deranged Derek Milligan went on a shooting rampage. She went into a cardiac arrest afterwards, causing the oxygen flow to the brain to be impaired.

Shona had virtually no memory left of her adult life, especially her relationship and marriage to David Platt and her time living on Coronation Street. She did remember her son Clayton Hibbs although this was limited to the time when he was a child. She therefore said she had no wish to see David, only her son, causing anguish to David as the thuggish Clayton had killed his previous wife Kylie when a violent incident Victoria Street got out of control and he stabbed her.

David's brother Nick Tilsley went to Leeds to see Shona but was unable to access her. The key worker passed the message on to Nick that Shona didn't want to see him and she herself wasn't able to allow her to see anyone who might cause her distress. In a state of exasperated disbelief, Nick asked the lady if she was aware of Clayton's past history, which she did, but she told him the fact remained that her son was the one person who she wanted contact with and it seemed to be helping her. Asserting that her duty of care was to Shona's well-being, the worker called the visit to an end but passed on the difficult message for David that his wife was asking for a divorce.

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