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Kenzie Judd was the main member of the gang of hoodies that terrorised Coronation Street in May 2008. They raided The Kabin and left Norris Cole shaken, he also robbed Roy's Rolls. While giving chase, Jerry Morton suffered a heart attack. The incident swayed Jerry's daughter, Kayleigh, into ditching boyfriend Kenzie and he lost his part in his school play. The role went to schoolmate Chesney Battersby-Brown - who also had an eye for Kayleigh. Kenzie later appeared on the Street with the other hoodies in August to beat Chesney up, but the fight was broken up by their former teacher, John Stape.

Kenzie again picked on Chesney in April 2009, making Chesney reluctant to attend school. It also turned out that Kenzie's mother was dating the headmaster Mr Griffin, news of which led to Chesney's older sister Fiz taking Chesney out of school in order to teach him at home. Chesney later returned to Weatherfield High when Sophie Webster and Ben Richardson said they would stand up for him.

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