Ken Grieve

Ken Grieve (17th March, 1942 - 15th November, 2016) worked as a director on Coronation Street from November 1974 to January 1983 with 42 episodes to his credit. He was also the director of the 1975 title sequence and the shots he captured in the spring of that year were re-utilised in the 1976 version which was seen by viewers until October 1990.

A staff director at Granada Television in the mid-1970s, his other work for the company included The XYY Man, Send In The Girls and the John Finch-written series This Year, Next Year. After becoming freelance he worked on Doctor Who, The Omega Factor, Bugs, Peak Practice, Bergerac, Cadfael, The Bill and Casualty among many other series.

Episodes directed by Ken GrieveEdit


1974 (6 episodes)

1975 (19 episodes)

1978 (4 episodes)


1980 (6 episodes)

1981 (1 episode)

1982 (4 episodes)

1983 (2 episodes)

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