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Kelvin "Kel" Hinchley was the boyfriend of Bernie Winter.

While with Bernie he became close to her twin children Paul Foreman and Gemma Winter, but he began to sexually abuse Paul from the age of fourteen. However, Paul eventually began to cause trouble in retaliation - this caused Kel to walk out on Bernie, breaking her heart. In September 2019, Kel was reunited with Bernie when another security guard suspected her of stealing - he allowed Bernie to go without involving the police and, to return the favour, Bernie brought him back to 5 Coronation Street for a meal. When Paul realised that Kel was back in his life he began to lash out at those around him and, upon realising the truth, Paul's ex Billy Mayhew confronted him about his relationship with Kel. Unsure of how to get Paul to open up to him, Billy visited his friend David Platt - who had been raped in March 2018 by Josh Tucker - in order to get advice on how to sensitively approach the matter with Paul. However, David informed him that Paul would come to him if he was ready to open up and suggested that Billy shouldn't push the matter.

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"If you've owt to say, spit it out before it flamin' well chokes yer"
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