Keith Lucas was an ex-prisoner who terrorised Betty Turpin for several weeks in the summer of 1970. He was a surly first-time customer in the Rovers who got annoyed with the nervous chatter from Emily Nugent and asked her if she was the regular barmaid there. When told that job belonged to Mrs Turpin, he took an interest in Betty who was at that time playing a game of darts across the bar. That night he followed her home and pushed his way into the Corner Shop where he confirmed that her husband was Cyril, the policeman who had put him in jail three years before and he wanted revenge.

Lucas started regularly coming into the Rovers, making sure that Betty served him and that she paid for his drinks knowing that Cyril was away on a training course. Emily spotted Betty's unusual behaviour. Lucas wound up Betty by suggesting that her sister Maggie Clegg and Cyril had a thing for each other and earned a drink in the face. Maggie had also spotted Betty's unusual behaviour and told Cyril. He forced the truth from Betty and went after Lucas. He used Dave Smith and an associate of his, Vince Fisher, to make enquiries as to Lucas's whereabouts but these proved fruitless. Lucas caught up with Cyril himself while on a night beat and attacked him with a lead pipe. Cyril got the better of him and was beating him up badly in a yard when Len caught up with him and pulled him away. Cyril was mortified that he'd lost control and resigned his job from the police.

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