Kayla Clifton was the daughter of Neil and Marsha Clifton.

In April 2018, Kayla contacted Robert Preston to ask if there were any vacancies available at Viaduct Bistro. As the bistro was fully staffed, Robert recommended her to his former colleague Zeedan Nazir, who was preparing to launch his new restaurant Speed Daal.

Zeedan thanked Robert for sending Kayla his way, telling him that she seemed good so far. His brother-in-law and investor in the restaurant Imran Habeeb joked that Robert had sent her as a spy in order to find out Zeedan's secret recipe.

While on her first shift, Kayla had to deal with several unfortunate obstacles including helping with a broken dishwasher and having to cover while Zeedan was busy dealing with his estranged wife Rana. When Rana's girlfriend Kate Connor visited the restaurant, Kayla filled her in on how Rana's mother Saira had been arrested for her part in arranging her own daughter's kidnapping.

Kayla's mother suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which led Kayla to become interested in Craig Tinker, giving Craig her phone number after serving him at Speed Daal, to the dismay of Bethany Platt - however she didn't really fancy Craig as she was using him to get information about Bethany so she could tell her father. Neil sexually abused Bethany when she was just sixteen, but Kayla didn't believe that her father was capable. She came to Weatherfield to seek revenge on Bethany for getting her father jailed.

After learning the truth after hearing Neil's conversation with Craig on Craig's phone, Kayla apologised to Bethany for not believing her and they became friends.

The character was credited as "Kayla Westbrook" until Episode 9484 (19th June 2018).

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