Kay McManus wrote 36 episodes of Coronation Street between January 1972 and November 1978 including one episode co-written with Malcolm Lynch. She also wrote the television play Once More My Love in 1961, several editions of the BBC's Jackanory Playhouse and a series of radio plays for Radio 4, the BBC World Service and RTE from 1956 to 1990 including Why Weren't You Looking?, The Last of the Sun, Alice, Countdown, The Search, A key In The Door and A Changing Light. She is also the author of a number of children's books including Patty Fatty, Raven, Hattie in a Hurry, Tolly on Tuesday and Land of the Five Suns.

Episodes written by Kay McManusEdit


1972 (8 episodes)

1973 (5 episodes)

1974 (5 episodes)

1975 (6 episodes)

1976 (4 episodes)

1977 (4 episodes)

1978 (4 episodes)