Kathy Pritchard was an attractive woman who worked at the chippy. In November 1988, Kathy went on several dates with Terry Duckworth. Kathy was married but separated from her husband Colin, a distinction Terry made clear to Sally Webster when she criticised him for seeing another married woman after his dalliance with Linda Jackson the year before.

For their first date, Terry borrowed Vera's car to take Kathy out, pretending it was his and that he was a flash executive at Baldwin's Curtains rather than Mike's chauffeur and dogsbody. A few days later, Kathy met Terry washing Mike's Jaguar on the Street and, seeing Kathy coo over the car, promised to take her out in it on their next date. Fortunately for Terry, he was able to make good on his word as Mike was in London on business when Terry was due to see Kathy, and Terry arranged for someone to adjust the mileage so that Mike wouldn't find out he'd been using it for his own purposes.

Their second date proved to be just as successful, with Terry making an empty promise to Kathy to use his contacts in the rag trade to help her achieve her ambition of being a model. He was slightly disturbed to learn that Colin didn't consider himself separated from Kathy and that he was still hanging about after her, but shrugged it off and accepted Kathy's invitation back to her house for "coffee". Returning to the Jag, Terry was horrified to discover "stay away from my wife" spray-painted along the side. All thoughts about Kathy were subsequently forgotten as Terry raced to have the Jag cleaned in time for Mike returning. Though he failed to have it cleaned in time, Terry almost convinced Mike that the message was aimed at him, however when he found out that his bit on the side's husband wasn't in the country, Mike guessed that Terry had been using his car to play away, and after tricking him into admitting it, he sacked him.

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