Kath Goodwin was taken on at the Rovers by Fred Gee as a relief barmaid to help Betty Turpin out in April 1984. Fred offered her a more permanent job when he found out that she was a divorcee, and employed her for a full week. When Fred took time off with pneumonia and went to stay with his sister, Betty took charge and told Kath she wouldn't be able to start work but Newton & Ridley sent Frank Harvey to take over the Rovers, replacing Fred as temporary manager.

Frank took Kath on as staff and she agreed to go to the brewery dance with him, infuriating Bet Lynch. Frank had told Kath that Bet had a thing going with Fred. After Bet had confronted Frank over his lie about her and Fred, Kath told Frank she didn't want go to the dance anymore. Once her week's employ was over, Kath left the Rovers.

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