Kate Brooks (born 2nd July) was a storyliner (then termed "story associate") on Coronation Street for 317 episodes from December 2011 to January 2012, August to November 2012 and January to December 2013.

Immediately afterwards she became the programme's story editor, fulfilling that role for a further 618 episodes until May 2016.

She then became assistant producer of Emmerdale, being credited as the programme's main producer from August 2018. In December 2018 she became engaged to actress Michelle Hardwick who had played two roles in Coronation Street and became a regular member of the Emmerdale cast from 2012 onwards.

Episodes storylined by Kate BrooksEdit

2011 (13 episodes)

2012 (81 episodes)

2013 (223 episodes)

Episodes story edited by Kate BrooksEdit

2013 (11 episodes)

2014 (253 episodes)

2015 (262 episodes)

2016 (92 episodes)

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