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Kat Bailey is the estranged wife of Ronnie Bailey.

Throughout the first half of 2021 Kat attempted to contact her husband, who had walked out on their relationship after discovering her infidelity. In March Kat managed to track Ronnie down to his brother Ed's house - having located his whereabouts going by his nephew James' posts on Instagram. Despite Ronnie asking her to leave Kat stood her ground and demanded answers for his recent behaviour. When Ronnie mentioned that the family were planning a celebration later that day, for his nephew Michael and his partner Grace's gender reveal, Kat suggested that she attend and questioned as to why it had taken so long for her to be introduced to his family. Ronnie was unenthusiastic about this idea and Kat suspected that it was because he was attempting to pursue a relationship with his sister-in-law Aggie who he had previously dated. Ronnie insisted that Ed and Aggie's relationship was solid, but revealed that his previous relationship with Aggie finished around the time that she and Ed got together and conceived Michael and therefore there was a possibility that he was the father.

The pair were interrupted by Ed's return home and Ronnie introduced Kat to his brother as a business partner. It was at this point that a distressed Grace called Ronnie from an office at the supermarket - after having been falsly detained - to tell him that her waters had broken. The Baileys rushed to the hospital where Ronnie eventually dropped his paternity bombshell on his brother.

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