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Karen Glen was an agent who approved Imran Habeeb and Toyah Battersby to foster children. The two made their application after Toyah had come to terms with the fact that she could never have children of her own. Karen visited them at their flat at 19a Victoria Street where she assured them that they were very strong candidates, even after hearing the story of how Toyah paid surrogate mother Jacqui Ainsworth to have a child for them, and then agreeing that her half-sister Eva Price would hand over her own expectant baby to them once she had been born, both plans eventually failing. Telling them that their application would be going before the approvals panel on 10th July, the two had to make arrangements for lodgers Alya Nazir, Ryan Connor and Craig Tinker to move out to give them room, which they all happily agreed to.

A major problem arose though as, on the same day, Toyah's nephew Oliver Battersby was diagnosed with a terminal mitochondrial disease. The two felt that now wouldn't be the right time to gain their own child and withdrew their application. Knowing the circumstances, Karen totally understood the decision but was pleased to hear the couple say that they would be reconsidering their decision at some point in the future. After a few weeks, Leanne Battersby urged her sister to apply again, telling her that she deserved her own happiness, and even provided her own character reference for her.

In the meantime, Karen appeared to have developed some doubts as to whether Toyah was suitable, based on her past experiences on trying for a surrogate baby and questioned her at length. Toyah admitted to her past errors of judgement and convinced Karen that she was no longer defined by her inability to have children. They were subsequently approved as foster parents and received their first baby, Mason, in December of that year for a limited stay over Christmas.

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