Justin Parker was the co-owner of Showcase who along with his brother and business partner Dale, racially abused Luke Britton and Alya Nazir in January 2018.

The Parker brothers arranged to meet Aidan Connor at Nick's Bistro in December 2017 and although Aidan told his business partner Alya about the meeting, he didn't invite her. Eventually, he decided to go back on his arrangement and told Alya to meet him at the bistro, claiming that he wanted the pair to be equal.

During the meeting, Justin and Dale made several Islamophobic remarks and unsettled Alya by frequently referring to alcohol. Aidan decided to stand up to the brothers which prompted the pair to leave, claiming they would take their business elsewhere. Due to the stress placed upon getting the Underworld staff's jobs back, Alya told Aidan that they couldn't afford to lose the contract and told him she would overlook their racism.

Justin and Dale agreed to meet Alya and Aidan at the Rovers where they continued to make Islamophobic remarks. Upon leaving, the Parker brothers discovered that one of their tyres had been punctured and Alya called her boyfriend Luke Britton in order to fix it. Despite his reservations, Luke agreed to fix their car. However, after several snide comments about the colour of his skin, Luke snapped and punched the two brothers.

Soon after their altercation, Luke was killed by Pat Phelan. Due to the recent conflict between Luke and the Parker brothers, including an attack on Webster's Autocentre, the pair were arrested on suspicion of murder. The brothers were later released due to a lack of evidence.

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