June Wyndham Davies

June Wyndham Davies worked as a director on Coronation Street between 1973 (the year she joined Granada) and 1977, returning for a final time in August 1981 and contributing 47 episodes in total.

She started her career at the BBC as an assistant floor manager, working her way up to become a director. Immediately before joining Granada she worked for Yorkshire Television on the series Kate. She directed several episodes of the 1970s drama Crown Court, was both producer and director on Cribb, and has also produced two separate Granada Sherlock Holmes series.

Episodes directed by June Wyndham DaviesEdit


1973 (12 episodes)

1974 (2 episodes)

1975 (10 episodes)

1976 (16 episodes)

1977 (6 episodes)


1981 (1 episode)