Julie Carp was a woman found on the internet by Tracy Barlow in an effort to get temporary lodger Brian Packham out of 1 Coronation Street. He had returned to the area after winning a round-the-world cruise competition for him and Weatherfield's Julie Carp and tried to woo her back after they parted on bad terms in 2013, disagreeing over her desire to have children. The competition tickets were in his and her names only and Ken Barlow gladly let Brian stay with them while he tried to win Julie round. Tracy had had enough of him and, prompted by a suggestion from daughter Amy, found another woman of the same name on the web.

She arranged for an unsuspecting Brian to meet Julie Two in Nick's Bistro where he was befuddled when she introduced herself and even more so when she told him about his internet messages. He realised what was going on when Tracy "innocently" joined them and made out that Brian was the one behind the messages that she had sent. Julie explained that she lived two streets away from Boundary Park in Oldham and following her recent divorce was keen to travel abroad again. Tracy told Julie that Brian was single, available and couldn't wait to get on the boat with her. Brian somehow managed to let Julie down gently and recommence his pursuit of Julie One.

To avoid confusion in the end credits, the character was credited as "Woman".
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