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Judy Mallett (née Smedley) was the wife of Gary Mallett, and mother to twins Billy and Becky.

The Malletts moved into 9 Coronation Street in 1995. Judy was an arcade assistant, and later a barmaid at the Rovers Return. Brash and strong-willed, Judy had a sensitive side too, and longed to have children. Before the arrival of the twins in 1998, Judy had believed she was unable to conceive, leading the Malletts to buy pregnant teen Zoe Tattersall's baby, naming the child Katie. They were left heartbroken when Zoe broke the agreement and took her daughter back.

Less than a year after becoming a mother, Judy was involved in a minor car accident, causing an undetected blood clot in her leg. A few days later, she died suddenly when hanging out washing at No.9, with Gary elsewhere, attending Ashley and Maxine Peacock's wedding.


Judy moved into the Duckworths' old house with husband Gary, when Jack and Vera Duckworth bought the Rovers in 1995. Pleased with the house, Judy bragged to her friends that her new home had stone cladding and a mini-bar. An arcade assistant, Judy later took a bar job at the Rovers Return.

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Always close to her mother, Judy was grief-stricken when Joyce was killed in a hit-and-run accident, the car being driven by Tony Horrocks. Judy had always wanted children, and was devastated to learn that her chances of conceiving were low. But she planned to adopt teen tearaway Zoe Tattersall’s daughter Shannon. She managed to convince a deeply sceptical Gary and they named the baby Katie Joyce. The ill-advised plan ended in tears when Zoe realised she'd made a terrible mistake and reclaimed her daughter. The Malletts found happiness again when they were blessed with twins Billy and Becky on Christmas Day 1998.

One fateful day in September 1999, Vera gave Judy a lift home from Freshco's supermarket in her new car, sold to her by her son Terry. What neither women knew was the car was a dangerous cut-and-shut - two wrecks welded together. In the car park, the two were bumped by another vehicle going the wrong way. Judy took the brunt of what seemed to be a minor incident, but shrugged off help as she didn't want to waste the hospital's time.

That decision proved tragic. On the day of Ashley and Maxine Peacock's wedding, Judy stayed at home complaining of persistent pain in her leg. Despite Emily's protests, Judy refused to rest, and whilst Emily went to town to shop for her, Judy decided to hang out some washing in the yard. While doing so, she collapsed and died. Her leg pain had been caused by an embolism, itself a result of the crash. Residents were devastated, none more so than Gary, who held Judy's lifeless body in his arms, weeping and telling her that she was the only woman he'd ever loved. Terry had the illegal vehicle crushed shortly after, allowing him to evade justice for Judy's death.



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"No wonder he's got a gut on him. D'you know he just ate a pork pie?" (first line, to Jack and Vera Duckworth about her husband Gary)


"Gary..." (Final line, whispered quietly before her death)


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