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"If you've owt to say, spit it out before it flamin' well chokes yer"
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Judy Mallett (née Smedley) was the wife of Gary Mallett and mother of Billy and Becky Mallett. She and Gary moved into 9 Coronation Street in 1995, purchasing the house from the Duckworths. Judy died in 1999 of an embolism caused by a car crash.


Judy moved into the Duckworths old house with husband Gary when Jack and Vera Duckworth bought the Rovers. Impressed with her new house, apparently telling all of her friends that it had stone-cladding and a mini-bar, Judy always seemed to have a huge grin on her face, when she wasn't arguing with Gary. Brash, emotional and one of the girls, Judy was not the sort of person to pick fights with, as Jack and Vera found out when faulty wiring in their old house electrocuted Gary. Judy worked at a local amusement arcade, before getting a job as a barmaid at The Rovers.

Always close to her mother, Judy was devastated when she was killed in a hit and run accident. Judy always wanted children, and when she eventually fell pregnant, she and Gary were overjoyed. She gave birth to twins on Christmas Day in 1998.

On the day of Ashley and Maxine Peacock's wedding, Judy stayed at home complaining of pains in her leg that didn't go away. Despite Emily's protests, Judy refused to rest and whilst Emily went to town to pick up some things for her, Judy decided to hang out the washing. She suffered a sudden embolism brought on by a car crash caused by a cut-and-shut car that Terry Duckworth had supplied and died almost instantly. The residents of the street were devastated, none more so than Gary, who held Judy's lifeless body in his arms, weeping and saying she was the only woman he'd ever loved.

First and last lines

"No wonder he's got a gut on him. D'you know he just ate a pork pie?" (first line, to Jack and Vera Duckworth about her husband Gary)


"Gary..." (Final line, whispered quietly before her death)

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