Judge Fortune presided over Weatherfield Magistrates Court during the bail application of Tracy Barlow when she was formally charged with the murder of Charlie Stubbs in January 2007. After hearing the arguments by Derek Anderson for the defence and opposing arguments by the prosecution, the judge was minded to err on the side of caution and refused Tracy's application for bail. She was remanded in custody until her trial at Weatherfield Courts of Justice.

Over a year later in November 2008, she heard the case against Becky Granger at her trial for an assault charge occurring earlier in the month. Upon learning that Becky's witness - Steve McDonald - would not be in attendance to give evidence, the judge suggested that proceedings could be speeded up. However, just as the trial was about to start, Steve turned up and the judge invited him to take the witness stand. Upon hearing the evidence, Becky's charges were ultimately dropped.

The Judge was unnamed on her second appearance.
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