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The Judge presided over the trial of Josh Tucker at Weatherfield Crown Court on the charge of raping David Platt and one other man. Josh was a serial predator with a history of such attacks but only David and the other complainant were willing to tell their stories in court.

David was being cross-examined by the defence barrister but was distracted when his brother Nick Tilsley briefly left the court to take a message. Shona Platt was in a coma in Weatherfield General after having been shot by a deranged Derek Milligan on Christmas day and her welfare was his primary concern. As the defence barrister stated that she had no further questions and having received confirmation from the prosecution barrister that he had no wish to cross-examine, the judge let David leave the court to find out the latest on his wife's condition.

In David's absence, Josh was found guilty and sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment.