Jude Sawyer was the twin brother of Jamie and a man that Mary Taylor mistakenly believed to be her long-lost son in December 2016.

Mary had admitted to her friend Norris Cole that as a teenager she had given birth as the result of a sexual assault, but had been forced to give up the baby, and had gained limited information about his upbringing, including the fact that he had been named Jude and had been brought up in Newton-le-Willows. Norris found the names of all the young men named Jude living in Newton-le-Willows, and went to visit their homes with Mary.

When they arrived at the house of Jude Sawyer, they presented him with a ruse that their visit was for a questionnaire on recycling and sustainability with a prize draw. Jude invited them in and told Mary that he was a guitarist in a band and that he had performed poorly in school because he was a daydreamer. As Jude spoke to them, Mary became increasingly convinced that he was her son and asked him about his happiness and childhood. Mary immediately dropped the bombshell on Jude that she believed she was his birth mother. Jude was confused to hear that the mum who brought him up might not have been his real mum.

Moments later, Jude's identical twin brother Jamie appeared, confirming to Mary that Jude was, in fact, not her son.

Mary was humiliated at her mistake and decided to give up looking for her son, but soon afterwards, on Christmas Day, he showed up to meet her, revealing himself to be Jude Appleton.

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