Judd Johnson was an ex-borstal associate of Ray Langton's. Judd had dark curly hair, a large moustache and an obnoxious personality.

In July 1970, Judd and Frank Bradley were planning to rob an electrical shop and sought out Ray's help, at first pretending they were looking for legitimate work. Ray wasn't pleased to see them as he'd left his days of petty crime behind him, but agreed to set them up with one job - to put up shelving for a display cabinet at Ernie Bishop's Camera Shop. Emily Nugent, Ernie's assistant, clearly didn't trust the mischievous duo but let them do the job as Ray had vouched for them.

Once they'd started on the job, Judd and Frank stole one of Ernie's expensive cameras and got Ray to agree to help them with the electrical shop job in exchange for its return. Ray conceded at first, but when he decided to leave the area rather than face everybody, Emily got the truth out of him and Ken Barlow scared Judd and Frank off with the threat of police action.

The following month, Judd and Frank had taken on jobs driving lorries and were about to travel to London on a job. On the night before they left, they went to a party which Bet Lynch, Lucille Hewitt and Sandra Butler attended. Judd tried to get Lucille to dance with him but, apparently unimpressed with his boast that she obviously liked his personality, Lucille left him to sit with Bet.

Judd paid a final visit to the Street in September that year, when he got involved with Frank's scheme to work on a stolen car at Billy Walker's garage and sell it. Billy realised what the pair were up to but, as he didn't call the police, they got away with it.

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