Josh Hallman was a trainee at Audrey Roberts's salon in March 2016 who barely lasted a day in the job. Distracted, forgetful and too trendy for his own good, Josh had a long-curved gravity-defying quiff which he had invented himself and referred to as the "J-wave, a.k.a. ski-jump". He immediately got his first instruction wrong when Audrey told him to make a drink for a customer with milk and three sugars and he repeated it as three teas. Neither Audrey nor David Platt were impressed with the latest addition to the staff, though Kylie thought he was "fit" and the female customers would take to him.

Later in the day, he danced round as he swept the hair up wearing his headphones, saying he needed his tunes "to focus". Even so, he didn't extend the instruction to actually picking the clippings up off the floor. Exasperated, Audrey told him that he hadn't got the job and he gave them a parting shot that he was "too relevant" for the salon anyway.

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