Jonathan Wright was the baby son of Alison Wright and Harvey Shaw.

Jonathan spent the first eight months of his life living with his unmarried parents in a posh flat in Manchester. The arrangement lasted until May 1974, when the couple rowed over Harvey seeing other women, resulting in him walking out on Alison and Jonathan, breaking their engagement. Alison couldn't afford the rent on her own so, having failed to find alternative accommodation, she sought out Ray Langton, a virtual stranger who had once told her to look him up if she ever needed help.

Ray let Alison and Jonathan stay at 9 Coronation Street until further notice, but when Len Fairclough returned, he threw Alison and Jonathan out. Due to Ray's reputation as a playboy, most people assumed he was the father and refused to put them up for more than one night, not wanting to get involved. Any kindness shown to Alison was generally because of Jonathan; Lucille Hewitt doted over him, taking him out in his pram, and Billy Walker and Rita Littlewood gave them a single night's bed and board, not wanting to put a baby out on the street.

After a few days, Ray started to question Alison's story about Harvey Shaw. Len tracked him down and told him about Alison's circumstances. Shaw travelled to Coronation Street immediately, and after a reunion with Alison, he reconciled with her and they left the area.

The character was credited as "Jonathan".

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