John Carter was a sales rep for a medical supplies company who arranged to go on a date with nurse Molly Hardcastle in November 2001.

Having previously been out for lunch on a couple of occasions, a proper date was arranged between the couple and an excited Molly was keen to share the news with her closest friends. One person who didn't appear to be so pleased for her however, was flatmate Kevin Webster, who'd invited Molly to move into 17a Victoria Street with him earlier in the month, and showed signs of jealousy when Molly suggested that Kevin made himself scarce in case she decided to bring John back at the end of the evening, however he reluctantly agreed to the arrangement.

While out at the Rovers for a quiet pint that evening, landlord Duggie Ferguson mentioned that he'd managed to acquire complimentary tickets to a new late bar that was opening in town and persuaded Kevin to go with him, but while Kevin was back home getting washed and changed, Molly arrived back at the flat with John. Deciding to seize his opportunity to sneak out of the bathroom while the couple were passionately kissing on the sofa, Molly spotted Kevin wearing only a towel and accused him of spying on her. John also jumped to conclusions that three was a crowd, as he was initially led to believe that Molly lived alone. Making his excuses that it was getting late, John hurriedly left and told Molly that it wasn't a good idea to see each other again.

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