John Barratt was a Newton & Ridley representative who served Alec and Bet Gilroy with a notice of forfeiture in 1990. Having refused to remain at the Rovers after it was done up and re-opened as "Yankees", a New York-style theme bar, and turned down the tenancy of the dilapidated Quarryman's Rest, the Gilroys had faced eviction from the Rovers and closed it to the public in protest. When Barratt knocked on the back door, the Gilroys were expecting someone from the national press to interview them about their battle against the brewery, and so he received a warm welcome. He immediately corrected their misapprehension, bluntly serving Alec and Bet with notice and informing them that brewery representatives would be there in the morning to reclaim the pub.

Barratt was one of three men from the brewery who arrived at opening time the next day, the others being Nigel Ridley and relief manager Roger Woodhouse. Barratt found the doors locked and spent several minutes calling Alec before he admitted them, having been unaware that the doors were locked as barmaid Tina Fowler had seen to it. The Gilroys were then confined to the private quarters until the brewery had the legal means of forcing them out. Moments later, Cecil Newton arrived at the establishment to deliver the news to all concerned that he'd put a stop to the theme pub idea and the Gilroys were staying on at the Rovers. Barratt followed the men out, leaving the pub's regular staff to celebrate their victory.

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