Joe Hibbert was Renee Bradshaw's stepfather and a guest at Renee and Alf Roberts's wedding in March 1978. Always smoking or drinking (or complaining if he wasn't), Joe maintained a coarse, offensive attitude before and after the service. He arrived at the Corner Shop with wife Daisy before the wedding to greet Renee and bridesmaid Bet Lynch. While Mother and daughter greeted each other with a hug, Renee only granted Joe a polite hello; they weren't close and Renee only tolerated Joe for her mother's sake. Within a few minutes of arriving at the shop, Joe had derided the shop as outdated, tried to flirt with Bet, and criticised Alf's job at the GPO (despite being out of work at the time himself and relying on Daisy to keep him). Daisy joked that she was used to his behaviour; he was so drunk at their wedding that she had to hold him up as they exchanged vows.

Joe later caused trouble at the reception by making dirty jokes about the newlyweds in his speech as father of the bride and then trying to get Alf to admit that he'd married Renee for her money and property, adding "she's no oil painting". Alf's reasons for marrying Renee were honourable and, having turned a blind eye to Joe's crass comments all day, he finally lost it and shoved him, sending Joe crashing to the floor.

Four months after this event Joe left Daisy, taking all her money with him.

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