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Jodie Sheppard was an inmate at Norcross Prison when Sally Metcalfe was imprisoned there between September 2018 and January 2019, firstly on remand and then after her trial on a false charge of fraud.

Sally tried to come to terms with her new life before her trial in the November and chatted to yoga-practising Jodie in the communal area. She told Sally that she did the exercises for the breathing exercises to help her cope but Sally was outraged when a bad-tempered officer told her to desist as she was causing a tripping hazard. Sally felt that the women weren't being encouraged enough to take part in improving recreational classes and called a meeting of her fellow inmates, or rather the ones who were willing, to discuss the matter. They were all dubious, including Jodie, but they all became more enthusiastic as Sally outlined how they could help each other by teaching their different skills to each other, including yoga, art and needlecraft. They ended up being sold on the idea and Sally impressed them further as she made it quite clear to them that she would force the Governor to listen to her.

With the scheme in place, Sally joined in yoga sessions with Jodie who was encouraged to read classic literature by Sally but her positive attitude was set back when she was found guilty at her trial. The short-term imprisonment of neighbour Abi Franklin helped Sally further to adjust to her new life but trouble was at hand when she earned the enmity of hard-case drug dealer Marcia by interfering in her insider dealing. At first Abi was able to protect Sally but when she was released the gloves were off for Marcia to revenge herself, especially when their joint cell was subjected to a search which Marcia blamed Sally for instigating.

Marcia attacked Sally but another officer pulled her off before she could do any serious harm. She was placed in segregation for several days but upon her return instantly had another attempt, this time with a knife. This time Jodie came to her rescue, armed with a sock containing two snooker balls with which she cracked the back of Marcia's head, knocking her out cold. As two other prisoners helped her hide the evidence of the attack, Jodie confessed she had been waiting months for the opportunity. Afterwards, Jodie and some other prisoners told Sally that they really appreciated all that she had done for them with the skills lessons.

Sally was released just hours later after Duncan Radfield, the real perpetrator of the fraud, confessed.

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