Jodie Pepper was a schoolgirl friend of twelve-year old Rosie Webster's together with Kayleigh Borthwick. Rosie was just entering her long rebellious teenage phase when she began hanging around with the two girls and their efforts to be "grown up" while all the time rebelling against parental authority brought Rosie into predictable conflict with Kevin and Sally.

The Webster parents' first encounter with the two girls occurred when Kevin caved into Rosie's pressure and bought her her own mobile phone. From the look on the three girls' faces, the item didn't meet standard fashionable criteria. Later that same day, Kevin asked them to turn down the music being played in Rosie's bedroom. When she answered him back, he told her two friends to leave, leading to Rosie to erupt at him.

A few days later, Rosie reiterated her claim that Jodie and Kayleigh would probably never have anything to do with her, shortly before meeting the two girls in Roy's Rolls and boasting about the fun she was having "guilting" her parents. The three discussed Kayleigh's ear-piercing and Rosie pondered about a nose-piercing. However, after Kevin and Sally refused permission for this, she instead gleefully showed off to her friends the next time they met a belly-button piercing she had done on Inkerman Street. Unfortunately, Kevin also caught sight of the addition to his little girl's midriff and hit the roof, telling her she looked like a tart. Jodie and Kayleigh speedily left the house as another family row went into overdrive and Rosie was told she was grounded. Rosie disobeyed this stricture and went with Jodie and Kayleigh to Birmingham for a girl band audition. Kevin and Sally were frantic for the day until PC Garnet brought the runaway home after she was found on the return train at Piccadilly Station.

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