Joanne Jackson arrived at Underworld with her "twin sister" Jessie and proceeded to cause much amusement by claiming to be identical despite the obvious difference in appearance. Joanne was the more shy of the two and lacked confidence where men were concerned. Her crush, and subsequent date with Nathan Harding came to nothing after she was left feeling stupid and embarrassed about having a makeover for someone who wasn't really interested in her.

Following his nasty break up with Leanne Battersby, Jamie Baldwin was keen to ask Joanne out on a date. After a disastrous date the two realised that they did enjoy each other's company and shared a kiss. This was followed by the promise to see each other again (unfortunately this was ruined by Jamie's problems with his alcoholic mother, Carol, and they decided against starting a new romance so soon after his break up with Leanne). She was also gutted when Jessie was sacked from Underworld and left Weatherfield to become an air hostess.

When Kelly Crabtree took Joanne under her wing, Kelly's obsessed "friend" Becky Granger threatened her, scaring Joanne half to death. When Kelly was set up for stealing at the factory by unhinged Becky, Joanne was the only person who believed Kelly was innocent and was instrumental in convincing the other factory workers that it was Becky, not Kelly who was to blame.

For most of 2006, Joanne dated Adam Barlow. However, she kissed her new factory boss, Liam Connor (who, incidentally, Adam sold his half of the factory to) and had a fling with him, despite Kelly being sure that Liam fancied her, she soon dumped Adam with a text message.

In April 2007 she revealed to Hayley Cropper that she was an illegal immigrant, brought over from Liberia at the age of eight, and that her "twin sister" was in fact her cousin, and was soon arrested as immigration officers raided the factory when Janice Battersby tried to get new Polish workers fired believing them to be illegal immigrants.

In June 2007, Joanne was released from Immigration Detention and resumed her job at Underworld for around two weeks, until Carla Connor, the majority owner of Underworld, fired her claiming that the factory was over-staffed and that Joanne was the most recent employee, regardless of the fact she had worked at the factory for over three years previously. Joanne later blackmailed Carla and Liam Connor by threatening to take them to a tribunal for unfair dismissal and sexual harassment.

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"Yeah." (First line to Janice Battersby)

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