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Joan Lowther was the wife of Doctor Robert Lowther, who employed Hilda Ogden as a part-time cleaner at their house in Oakfield Drive from 1982 to 1987. Joan interviewed Hilda for the job at the house in October 1982. Hilda was armed with a glowing reference from Mike Baldwin - but Mrs. Lowther also phoned Annie Walker, with whom Hilda had a less than harmonious relationship, to get a second reference. Joan gave Hilda the job and a good relationship was formed between Hilda and her employers, both professionally and personally.

Hilda was always anxious about making a good impression. In May 1983, she was horrified when the Lowthers called at 13 Coronation Street while she was out and were met by Stan, in a string vest, and a messy house, but the Lowthers let it slide.

In April 1985, the Lowthers let Hilda house-sit for them while they were away. She enjoyed herself but No.13 was burgled while she was away.

Hilda had a lot of pride in cleaning a big house and was unhappy when Sally Seddon offended the Lowthers while standing in for Hilda. Hilda was good enough friends with the Lowthers to receive an invite to their Ruby Wedding anniversary party in July 1986, although she didn't attend as her hair had been dyed bright orange in a mishap at Audrey Roberts's salon.

In November 1987, the Lowthers decided to retire to Hartington, and Mrs. Lowther offered to recommend Hilda as a cleaner to their house's new owners. While they were packing, Hilda and Joan were attacked by burglars and Joan received a bump on the head. Hilda survived the attack but Joan died in Weatherfield General. The grieving Dr. Lowther decided not to change his plans to retire, and asked Hilda to keep house for him and live in a flat attached to the cottage. Hilda gratefully accepted and left Coronation Street after 23 years.

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