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Joan "Joanie" Davies (née Walker) was the daughter of Rovers Return Inn landlords Jack and Annie Walker. Born in Weatherfield in 1940, Joan grew up in Coronation Street with her parents and older brother Billy.

By 1961, Joan was training to be a teacher. She graduated from college that year and married fellow teacher Gordon Davies in St. Thomas's Church in March, whereupon the couple moved to Derby. Thereafter, much to the Walkers' disappointment, Joan hardly ever visited them in Weatherfield, though Joan's house at 4 Peacock Drive in Derby was a frequent home away from home for Annie, especially after Jack's death from a heart attack in 1970, which took place while he was visiting Joan. Annie found comfort in staying with Joan after her husband's death as it gave her someone to talk to and it got her away from the memories that lay in the Rovers.

Dorothy White as Joan in 1978.

Joan had some reservations about her marriage to Gordon. In 1963, during a visit to Weatherfield to attend Annie's 'This Is Your Life', Joan confessed to her parents that Gordon didn't want children and wouldn't let her go to work. Jack persuaded Joan to stand up to the Davies'.

As the Davies' were quite well-to-do, Joan considered herself a cut above even her parents. She wasn't keen on the idea of Annie coming to live with her when brewery Newton & Ridley faced a takeover bid in 1978, although Annie was against the idea anyway. Despite this, Annie eventually retired to Derby in 1983, where she could be close to her family.

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