Jimmy Mullins was a porter at Weatherfield General whose good looks caught the eye of Katy Harris who was working in a summer job there in the canteen. Katy and older neighbour Martin Platt had an attraction for each other but the thirty-seven year old man was understandably reluctant to pursue the matter with a sixteen-year old girl and maintained a frustrated distance. Jimmy asked Katy to be his date at the hospital disco and Katy enjoyed Martin’s jealous reaction to the request. She went with Jimmy and Martin cried off a lad’s night out to go to the disco as well as see what transpired. When Jimmy started to get heavy with Katy and kiss her, Martin leaped in and a short fight broke out. Katy was angry but alone with Martin, he confessed his feelings for her and the two kissed, thus starting their explosive affair. At the next opportunity, Martin apologised to Jimmy for his behaviour, blaming being over-protective for a neighbour’s daughter and the gesture was accepted by the young man.

The first of the character’s four appearances was uncredited on screen.

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