Jimmy Graham was a property developer who dated Rita Littlewood in 1974. He first met Rita when he called at The Kabin while scouting for properties for sale; his colleague Douglas Wormold had tried to buy The Kabin earlier in the year but Rita had refused. She felt no differently this time around (although the decision actually lay with Len Fairclough as The Kabin was now in his name) but they met up again at the Rovers, where Jimmy asked Rita to recommend a restaurant to him. As she was in the middle of a spat with Len, Rita decided to spite him and so she not only suggested somewhere for Jimmy to eat, she went with him.

After a few more dates, Jimmy and Rita spent the night together. They both knew what they were doing; Jimmy told Rita about his wife Muriel and children Robert and Pamela early in their relationship but Rita didn't care as she had nothing to lose and Jimmy had done all the chasing, leading her to assume he wasn't close to his family. Tongues wagged when they went on a weekend away together - a result of Rita's plans with Len falling through due to his pig-headed reaction to finding out about Jimmy spending the night with Rita. Jimmy told Rita he'd leave Muriel for her but when they were spotted together on a date by Muriel and the kids, an embarrassed Jimmy passed Rita off as a client and then went off with his family. Rita realised she was coming between a close-knit family and broke it off with Jimmy.

While buying up properties, Jimmy had a brief interaction with Stan and Hilda Ogden regarding No.13. The Ogdens had been taken on as live-in caretakers at the Community Centre and agreed to sell the house to Jimmy for £2,500, but the deal was called off at the last minute as the Ogdens' record with the health inspector put the bosses off and they didn't get the job.

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