James "Jimmy" Frazer was a local businessman who employed Alan Howard in selling used cars in 1972.

Jimmy and Alan had never met before but Alan knew Jimmy by reputation. When Jimmy offered to put up the money for the scheme, with Alan using his experience from running the Canal Garage to manage it, it was an opportunity for Alan to make a name for himself two years after nearly being declared bankrupt, so he accepted the offer almost straight away.

Alan soon discovered Jimmy's passion for clubs, booze and women. Celebrating the new venture, Jimmy dragged Alan out to The Vine club, where they were joined by two good time girls, Anne Wallace and Leslie Holt. Although Alan did nothing to betray wife Elsie, Elsie didn't trust Jimmy and was afraid that working with him would change Alan.

A few weeks later, Jimmy approached Alan on the possibility of a business partnership. Despite Elsie's doubts, Alan agreed and Jimmy started involving him in his other business projects. First in line was the new Capricorn nightclub, which Jimmy owned with Benny Lewis as an equal partner. With Jimmy away for much of the time, Alan looked after his interests in his absence. Jimmy and Elsie remained critical of each other; Elsie distrusted Jimmy as he dodged her questions about his businesses, while Jimmy wished Elsie would show more enthusiasm. The clubs and women remained a fixture; on one occasion, Elsie caught Alan and Jimmy at The Vine entertaining two floozies, Deirdre Hunt and Annie.

By Christmas, the pressure of running the garage as well Jimmy's projects was so great that Alan was drinking heavily. When he nearly burned down the house while drunk, Alan realised that the partnership wasn't working for him and, for Elsie's sake, he dissolved the partnership. Within just four months, Jimmy also pulled out as the hours became too much and Dougie Bowker took his place, turning the club into a seedy establishment which had to be investigated by the council.

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