Jimmy Dockerson was a mechanic at Premium Motors and a henchman of Tony Gordon, sabotaging the clients of Kevin Webster. Several months later, Jimmy reappeared when Tony discovered that his fiancée Carla Connor had an affair with her brother-in-law Liam Connor. Tony arranged a hit-and-run in order to murder Liam, hiring Jimmy to carry it out. In December, Jimmy met up with Tony and told him not to call them again. They were spotted by Jed Stone, who was looking for his cat, and was suspicious of Tony being a killer. When Tony strangled Jed and thought to have killed him a few days later at Christmas, Tony phoned Jimmy to ask for his help to hide the body, but Jimmy hung up on him.

In February 2009, Tony needed Jimmy to put the frighteners on Jed, as Jed had accidentally revealed his strangulation marks on his neck to Carla. When Jed was about to go into his flat, Jimmy confronted him and threatened him to stay away, causing Jed to later have a heart attack. Carla got suspicious and tracked Jimmy down. When Jimmy refused to answer most of her questions, Carla knew that he and Tony were responsible for Liam's death. She later fled when Tony confessed to being part of Liam's death.

On the anniversary of Liam's death in October 2009, Jimmy was hired by Tony to kill Carla as she returned threatening to go to the police. Jimmy later went round to her flat at night while Tony was with Maria and rang the bell. Believing it was Tony, Carla let Jimmy in. As he attacked her, Tony arrived and distracted Jimmy, which led to Carla hitting him round the head with a table lamp, knocking him unconscious. Tony pretended Jimmy was dead, and forced Carla to flee Weatherfield once again. Tony took Jimmy home and Jimmy packed his bags and left town.

A month later, Tony confessed to the murder of Liam to the police and gave forward Jimmy's name as the hitman, and he was arrested.

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