Jim Sedgewick, first husband of Alma, bought Dawson's Cafe in Rosamund Street from Joe Dawson in January 1980 and turned it from a bakery into Jim's Cafe, a transport café. Jim broke the news about the sale to Emily Bishop and Gail Tilsley himself, and the changes led to Emily quitting. Sedgewick installed Mrs. Bolton in the café but she was too slow; she eventually walked out. He then turned to Elsie Tanner, impressed with the way she handled the lorry drivers. Elsie refused at first but took the job when nothing else came up.

After this, Sedgewick left the management of the café to Elsie and Gail, but Alma occasionally stepped into the fray when they were short-handed, including a period in 1981 when Jim had sacked Elsie for taking too much time off. Coping at the café on her own, Alma managed to get Elsie to return - for less money than before.

Jim had married Alma in 1976 but there was never much affection between them; Alma aborted their baby in 1977 rather than bring a child into a loveless marriage. The Sedgewicks got divorced in 1982 when Jim ran off with a florist. Alma got the café in the divorce settlement, but the establishment bore his name until 1997 when Roy Cropper renamed it Roy's Rolls. In March 1995, Alma found out that Jim had died three months earlier and left her £2,000.

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