Jill Morris was a young girl who was fostered by David and Irma Barlow over Christmas 1967 while her mum was ill. The Barlows were surprised when they met Jill as they were told they were getting a boy and had bought Christmas presents for "him" accordingly!

Jill was well behaved, giving the couple no trouble, although they had to talk her round when she refused to go to sleep on Christmas Day. The house was a livelier place while Jill was around and David found the extra noise hard to adjust to, coming through from the shop to complain while Irma was showing Jill how to tango.

The neighbours were also friendly, helping Jill to feel at home in Coronation Street. Emily Nugent was even granted a bottle of Passionate Nights perfume as a Christmas present from Jill, while Dennis Tanner made an indelible impression when he started talking to her about Santa Claus and his toy factories, leading Jill to turn to David and cheekily ask if Dennis was a bit soft! When Elsie Tanner arrived in a taxi, Jill assumed that she was rich, recounting her experience riding in a taxi when she was a bridesmaid for her auntie Rhoda. Jill was impressed to hear that Elsie was emigrating to America and asked her to give Davy Jones a kiss for her.

Jill went back home when her mother came out of hospital just after Christmas. She was sad to be leaving her new family but looked forward to being reunited with her mother and "'orrible 'orace," her kid brother. Before she left, she gave Irma a gift of oversized earrings, large so that David would notice her.

In October 1968, Jill turned up at the shop out of the blue, looking for the Barlows. She was upset to learn that they'd emigrated to Australia and that Maggie Clegg now owned the shop. With Jill's mum in hospital again, Hilda Ogden wanted to take Jill in but Stan wasn't so keen. Hilda had to hide Jill in the spare room but Stan was fine with it when he found out, even taking her along on his window round. Cliff, Jill's mum's boyfriend, soon arrived to take her back home.

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