Jesse James Chadwick arrived to entertain the guests at Amy Barlow's Christmas party in December 2008, but he turned up - minus his wife, the other half of his double act. He was clearly not in the mood for entertaining as his wife had run off with someone else. Steve McDonald, Amy's father managed to console Jesse who agreed to do the party for Amy. When Eileen Grimshaw arrived in the Rovers, the pair hit it off and soon, Eileen was donning his ex-wife Hia-Lowa's costume and entertaining the kids. He later hit it off with Eileen during a post-gig drink.

Months later while doing a children's play at the Weatherfield Community Centre, he and Eileen crossed paths when she took Amy along so she could meet him again. He began turning up in Coronation Street, but Eileen was fed up with him being scared of his mum and always running back to her when she wanted him back home. He later moved in with Eileen at No.11 and also brought his pet parrot John along as well, which ended up taking a dislike to Eileen.

An electrician by trade, Jesse persuaded Bill Webster to let him store his props at the Builder's Yard on the presumption that Bill would find him occasional work.

In 2010, Jesse won a lot of money at Barlow's Bookies, and Eileen hoped he would treat her, and although he did get her a present, he splashed out the money on a holiday for him and his parents. Angry, Eileen told him to leave. Jesse later returned after getting back from his holiday - hoping for forgiveness. Believing there wasn't a future for him and Eileen, he attempted to make a pass at her half-sister Julie Carp, and a shocked Julie told Eileen just as she decided to get back with Jesse. When he came back, Eileen and Julie gave him his belongings and chased him out of the Rovers, after which he left the area for good.

Background information

  • John Thomson initially signed for a three-episode stint in the role of Jesse with a longer stint planned in the future. Thomson eventually became part of the regular cast when he signed a six-month contract for his return.
  • The character was written out when Thomson agreed with producers that there was nowhere to take the character of Jesse.

First and last lines

"Are you Steve McDonald?" (First line)


"Why did you have to go and spoil everything?" (Final line, to Julie Carp)

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